Get The Look: My Forever21 Picks

August 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

One of my favorite things to do on the web is recreating celeb looks for less (much less!). While everyone wants to dress like a celeb, we all know not everyone can flex like one (did I just say flex?). Here’s a few looks I put together today while perusing the web and catching up on my celeb gossip. Keeping in mind a college student-friendly budget, most of the items I used can be found at or a Forever21 store near you. Although I’m not big on buying too much from Forever these days for fear of looking like everyone and their mom, I think we all agree that you can’t beat the prices and up-to-date style!

Here, Rihanna is wearing a mini dress from Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2010 collection–not exactly my fav look on her.. her red hair just ruins it for me!  She paired it with a black belt to make it more figure-friendly and completed the look with strappy black sandals, simple jewelry, and a big black bag. You can get the look for less with these items from Forever21: Tie Dye Dress $23, Belt $5, Necklace $9, Bag $30, Shoes $22. I added the necklace to put my own spin on it, but it’s totally optional. Total: $89!  Here, Zoe and Olivia are both rocking an ultra-chic and feminine getup, each with their own personal spin on it. While I love the full look, I put together something that would be a bit more practical for a college student’s wardrobe.Top $25, Shorts $11, Shoes $23, Purse $27, Bracelet $13. I stayed within the same color scheme, as I love the look of cream lace with the cognac leather and gold accents, but I dressed the look down a bit with the denim shorts. Still girly and chic for $99!

And just in case you’re not fed up with Rihanna yet (because clearly I’m not, right?), here’s yet another look inspired by the fashion icon herself: I love the contrast of a super laid back outfit paired up with fierce shoes and accessories. Here, Rihanna is wearing a simple cropped pullover with fitted jeans, leopard pointed heels (i told ya’ll it’s making a comeback!), minimal accessories, and what appear to be some Ray Ban shadesYou can get the look for less with these items from Forever21. Pullover $24, Jeans $18, Shoes $35, Shades $6, and Bracelets $12. Grand Total?? $95!

As my night comes to an end, I’ll leave you with this thought: SELF CONFIDENCE is everything. There is no fashion, brand, or piece of clothing that could make you more attractive than self confidence.

xoxo, SO


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